Review is the correction or proofreading of a text by qualified professionals other than the original writer or translator.

Two types of review can be distinguished: translation review and the review of a source text for translation.

Review is an especially important step in the translation process when the text is to be published, online or offline. The review makes the text flow more easily and read better; in short, it is a guarantee for high-quality texts.

The review of a translation consists of reading every sentence in both the source and target text and implementing relevant changes in the target translation to increase the quality of the text. This review is performed by another experienced translator who has the appropriate specializations, the required language skills, and experience with the relevant CAT tool.

A source text may be reviewed for one of two reasons. Either the quality of the text needs to be high, or the text will be translated into multiple languages. In the latter case, the review ensures that the text is shorter and clearer, which realizes cost savings during the translation process. The removal of unnecessary words and replacement of complex or ambiguous wording with phrases that are easier to interpret shortens a text, reducing the source word count and leading to lower translation costs. It can also help pre-empt queries from translators. Thus, the review often pays for itself, especially if the text is to be translated into multiple languages.

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