Project Management
No two translation projects are the same, making project management a complex task. A project manager requires a wide range of skills to manage projects efficiently, including familiarity with file formats, CAT tools (specifically the advantages and disadvantages of each tool for various file formats and actual processing skills), quality assessment software, DTP skills, and, most importantly, a database of dependable, experienced translators and reviewers for the various language combinations, who can offer the appropriate software and expertise.

An experienced project manager is able to assess the distinguishing features and process the work efficiently based on his or her prior experience. [+] [+]

An experienced project manager can assess the relevant data in a matter of minutes and take action based on the data and available options. The customer is sometimes approached to provide further information. Once the data is available, the project manager assigns the project to the appropriate experts and moves on to the next project, keeping an eye on key issues such as the schedule and deliverables.

AzTech Solutions has 15 years of experience managing translation projects. We can manage your projects based on your own preferred translator/reviewer, etc., or select a qualified translator from our own database. AzTech Solutions specializes in translations into and from English (British and American), Spanish (for Spain, Latin America, Mexico, etc.) and Dutch. As requested by our clients, we have also managed translation projects into various other European languages, such as French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Please contact us to discuss your project management requirements.