AzTech Solutions website launch

AzTech Solutions just launched its new website. "Big deal!" you might think. Everyone nowadays creates their own website; children learn to set up a webpage in secondary school! That may be true, but this company website has large shoes to fill....

As a pioneer in the technical translation industry, AzTech Solutions launched its first website in 1996, less than a year after the Internet became fully available for commercial traffic[+]. This custom-built, state-of-the-art website symbolized our passion and pro-active approach to developments in the ICT sector. It took more than 10 years for us to even consider designing a new website, as we were still being complimented on the original one.

A few years ago AzTech Solutions turned to a professional designer as our partner with extensive knowledge on website design had left the company. The assignment was to create a website without using any web-design software or platforms such as WordPress or Joomla. The result, however, did not impress the website designers we contacted for feedback. We approached a recently graduated graphic designer, Simona Kicurovska, who has knowledge of the translation business as her father is a translator and asked her to create an original and special website for us. She designed the website and her business partner Ronne Vinkx programmed the site as well as a special Content Management System (CMS).

Most of the content of the website was written in English, translated (into Dutch and Spanish and, when required, English), reviewed, modified and reviewed yet again to reflect our services and strengths in each language and to ensure the texts did not read as a translation.
Our team of language specialists enjoys working together on texts, but deadlines often limit the options. In this case there was no fixed deadline and we were able to spend time whenever our projects allowed. Each team member contributed his or her own expertise, strengths, style and approach. The final result is more than just the sum of the individual contributions.

The launch of yet another website may not be as spectacular as it once was, but our website conveys our individual approach to translation project management in the broadest possible sense. Our team provides commitment, expertise, language skills and a wide variety of backgrounds to attain the best possible translation within a project's limits (deadline, source text quality, ambiguous sentences, etc.). The end product can always be improved, but that can be said about any text. Perfection is virtually impossible but we do our best to get as close to it as humanly possible ;-)

We are very proud that most of our once-off customers have become steady customers. Some of them have tried cheaper translation options but most returned once they realized that a cheap product ends up costing more (misunderstandings, complaint processing, etc.) than a good translation at a reasonable rate.

The AzTech Solutions team