Added Value
Added value for end customers

Translations are often arranged by a translation agency, which acquires, outsources and delivers the project. AzTech Solutions is a hands-on company that preprocesses the project, after which it is translated internally or externally[+] and then reviewed internally, without passing through several outsourcers along the way.
Over the years, we have worked for many translation agencies who forward our translations on to their customers without ever looking at them. Every intermediate link in the supply chain requires payment, adding to the price. Cutting out these go-betweens has many advantages:

- Direct lines of communication: faster results and fewer misunderstandings

- Translation and review for a reasonable price

- Internal terminology management

- Project managers that work on the deliverables, thus simplifying communications

- Fast turnaround times

- Standard translation teams for return clients, resulting in higher consistency

By cutting out the intermediary, AzTech Solutions is able to provide a high-quality project at a competitive price.